Members of the Bavarian Parliament

"Bayerische Landtagsabgeordnete" (Members of the Bavarian Parliament) is offered by the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte (House of Bavarian History).

A focus of the project on the "Geschichte des Bayerischen Parlaments" (History of the Bavarian Parliament) constitutes its database of proper names. Thereby, for the first time all parliamentarians, senators, provisional national councillors, imperial councillors, cabinet members and kings since 1819 become searchable on one single information platform. More than 4,500 individuals have been recorded, whose biographical data and complementary information as well as, if available, a portrait may be found.

The basis for the collection of data was provided by the database the administration of the regional parliament had compiled on former members. This database is being continued by the department Bibliothek, Dokumentation, Archiv (library, documentation, archive) of the regional administration and serves as the source for the continuous updating of the portal "Geschichte des Bayerischen Parlaments". The Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv (Bavarian Main State Archive) provided the data on the members of the Bavarian Senate processed by Archivoberrätin (senior assistant professor, retired) Helga Schmöger. The biographical information of members of the Verfassunggebende Landesversammlung (Constitutional Regional Assembly) have their origins in the Archiv für Christlich Soziale Politik (Archive for Christian Social Politics).

The handbooks of the Bavarian Parliament, published since 1881, supplied illustrations for the individual biographies. Numerous portraits could be retrieved at the Bildarchiv des Bayerischen Landtags (picture library of the Bavarian Parliament) as well as in the Bildarchiv des Hauses der Bayerischen Geschichte (picture archive of the House for Bavarian History). In addition, the relevant archives, collections and museums were consulted.

"Members of the Bavarian Parliament" is an autonomous project, searchable via the name index on bavarikon.