Bosls Bayerische Biographie (Bavarian Biography and Supplement)

Karl Bosl (1908-1993) was one of Bavaria's best-known historians and mediaevalists. He habilitated in medieval history at the University of Munich and subsequently taught as a private lecturer in Munich and Würzburg. As part of his teaching activities, Bosl published numerous works on the history of Bavaria.

In this context, the Bayerische Biographie, a biographical encyclopaedia on Bavarian history, was created in 1983. It deals with about 8,000 personalities of Bavarian history in lexical entries. In 1988 a supplementary volume followed with further 1,000 entries.

  • Karl Bosl (ed.), Bayerische Biographie. 8000 Persönlichkeiten aus 15 Jahrhunderten, Regensburg 1983 (Bavarian Biography).
  • Karl Bosl (ed.), Bosls bayerische Biographie. Ergänzungsband. 1000 Persönlichkeiten aus 15 Jahrhunderten, Regensburg 1988 (Bavarian Biography, Supplement).

The concise articles provide a quick overview of lives of individuals from business, politics, society, science and art. Bosl also captured less well-known personalities from 15 centuries - in this respect, his biography is still a standard refernce. In addition, however, more recent reference works such as the Great Bavarian Biographical Encyclopedia should be consulted.

The encyclopaedia was digitised in full text by the Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg (University Library Regensburg). The 9,000 biographies are indexed with standard data (PND/GND/VIAF = Virtual International Authority File) and can be researched individually in bavarikon.