Privacy Policy


Upon each access to the web servers of the Bavarian State Library, relevant access data (log files) are stored. Subject to the access protocol used, the set of log file data can include:

Data are exclusively stored for data security purposes (identification and tracking of unauthorized queries or log-ons to web servers) and are solely used for internal statistics; stored data will not be compared to other databases and will definitely not be disclosed to any third parties, neither in full nor in part(s). No analysis of personal data is made. When an evaluation of the annual access figures has taken place, all stored log data will be deleted. Data are evaluated each month as well as annually; deletion will be effective each January of the subsequent year. Evaluation as well as deletion will be handled by Bavarian State Library staff. The bavarikon web servers are operated by the Bavarian State Library.


Email Security

When sending us an email, your email address will exclusively be used for the subsequent communication with you.


Links to Other Websites

bavarikon is liable for “proprietary content” offered for users within the limits of German jurisdiction (§7 TMG - German Tele Media Act). Proprietary content does not include references ("links") to content offered by other website operators.
Providing these "links", bavarikon allows access to "external content" (§8 TMG). For "external content" bavarikon does not assume liability, as bavarikon neither originates the transmission of such information, nor does it select the recipient of the information transmitted or select or modify any such information. Such “external content” will not be temporarily stored due to the access and linking method chosen by bavarikon, thus excluding any responsibility for external content resulting from such temporary storage as well. When installing a link to other operators, external content is scanned for elements from which liability according to civil or penal law might result. Whenever the Bavarian State Library becomes aware of specific content accessible by a link which is provided by bavarikon and from which such liability according to civil or penal law will result, or is made aware of such content by a third party, the Bavarian State Library will deactivate the link to such an operator, provided the technical implications allow this and the effort is within reasonable limits. Upon clicking on a link, the browser opens a different tab, no longer showing the bavarikon URL in its address bar.


For further questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact the Bavarian State Library data security officer: