Bayerische Bibliographie (Bavarian Bibliography)

The “Bayerische Bibliographie” (Bavarian Bibliography) is the bibliography for the complete country of Bavaria and as such, it documents as comprehensively as possible all new publications bearing a reference to Bavaria (excluding fiction).

It contains independent and dependent works alike (journal articles, yearbooks and omnibus works, as well as contributions to local inserts of Bavarian daily newspapers, but no contributions to encyclopaedias and handbooks).

The online version contains all literature since 1988. In individual cases also titles from the time before 1987 are catalogued.

The search options include search for authors, keywords and subject headings and also systematic search. The search can furthermore be limited by entering years and regions.

In December 2013, an additional 190,000 titles from the Bavarian State Library’s Bavarica category and the Franconica categories of the University Libraries in Würzburg and Erlangen were integrated and monographs as well as periodicals (not, however, the respective individual articles) are now documented from the time before 1988 back to the Early Modern Age. For these volumes, a systematic search or a search limited to certain regions cannot be conducted.

Bavarian Bibliography is a joint project of the Bavarian State Library and several other University and State Libraries.

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